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Specialties: Music Producer, Songwriter, Vocal Coach & Talent Scout.



► Duffy (A&M Records UK). Songwriting, producing and coaching the artist between 2002 & 2003. Over 50 songs together under the name of Soulego.


► Nina Schofield. Songwriting, producing and coaching the artist.

► Peter Robinson (Living in a Box, Rick ASTLEY, Paul Carrack) from Dôme Records UK, for the project "FULLMOON" with the cover single "Words" (dist. Sony Music UK) and "I Wanna Stay With You” (dist. Sony Music UK).


► Carmen Rizzo (Seal, Alanis Morissette, Tricky, Coldplay, Nelly furtado, Tiesto, etc.) : Co-producing the “Invisible Sun Odyssey” (I.S.O.) project with Carmen in LA.


► David Hallyday (Mercury/Universal).

► Claire Pilisi de Warner Publishing: Publishing Deal; works for David Hallyday, Sofia (Star Academy 4), Jerome Attal.

► Aktion Entertainment (Jenifer, Nolwenn, Veronique Sanson, Yaël Naïm): Publishing Deal.

► Jean-Pierre Janniaud from “studio GANG” in Paris (J.-M. Jarre, M. Berger, J.-J. Goldman, F. Gall, J. Hallyday).

► Eric Wilms (Charles Aznavour).

► Jean-Pierre Sabar (C. François, S. Gainsbourg, M. Le Forestier).



► PANORAMA 08: Composer of the "International Committee of the Red Cross" (ICRC) movie soundtrack.


► Dorian Gray : Soren’s new solo project (Songwriting, drums, piano, programming, production) - Co-mixing with Cheef Engineer Yvan Bing (P.Collins, Sting, Roger Waters, Andy Wallace, Anoushka Shankar, 50 Cent, Mariah Carey)

► Eurosong 1996 Swiss entry : Songwriter and producer of the song "Mon coeur l’aime", Swiss entry for the Eurovision.

► Invisible Sun Odyssey (I.S.O.) : Songwriter for this solo project, co-produced by Carmen Rizzo (USA), J.-C. Belval (Daddy DJ, N°1 in France + Europe and N°1 SACEM 2001) and Mr. Killed (Miss Sin, Park Avenue…), etc.

► Eurosong 1997 Swiss entry : Songwriter and producer of the song «Le rêve d’Alice», for the TV National Contest on Swiss TV DRS1.

► Caroline Agostino : Eurosong 2004 entry "Le monde danse" for the TV National Contest on Swiss TV TSR.

► Melody Perret from the «Little dreams Foudation» (Orianne and Phil Collins) : Songwriting and producing the artist.




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